How to Make Your Own CS:GO Karambit Replica Knife

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04 January 2018

How to Make Your Own CS:GO Karambit Replica Knife

Karambit knives are often hard to find and expensive. Because they are in high demand among CS: GO players, users sometimes make this cosmetic knife themselves in a few simple steps. For this intended purpose, we will be making the knife out of popsicle sticks to give you a safe way to train and practice. Once you've mastered utilizing the Karambit knife, you can create a more powerful one using any material you desire.

Let's get started!

You will need:

• Large popsicle sticks
• Sharp Blade or Thin Saw
• Ruler
• Pencil
• Silver and Black Spray Paint

Phase One

1. Pull up an image of the knife you wish to copy. This will serve as your guide throughout this entire process.
2. Begin by cutting 2 sticks vertically, making sure you're using a ruler to ensure you're cutting them in half. Set both sticks aside (you'll have 4 halves).
3. Remove the round edge off 1 popsicle stick. Use the ruler while you slice to ensure yourself a straight line. Set this stick aside as well.
4. Grab 3 sticks and place them side by side. This will serve as your bottom layer. Now, place 2 sticks on top of the 3, centering them to fit in the center of the bottom layer. Cut one of the 2 sticks in half horizontally.
5. It's time to glue it all together! Keep the bottom layer where it is at. This will be the base and everything will be glued on top of it. The 2 sticks you initially cut vertically will be glued to the sides of the bottom layer with the straight edges facing inwards towards each other. The inner layer will consist of a full stick, followed by one half of the stick you cut horizontally.
You will notice after all is glued, that there is a missing space equivalent to half a popsicle stick. Remember the stick with the removed round edge? You want to glue it in the empty space, aligning both straight edges together. The rounded edge will be jutting out. The final step in this phase is gluing three more sticks to create a top layer that will mimic the bottom layer.

Set this piece aside. Now you will need to create another piece identical to the one we just created, with the exception that you will not be gluing a long stick on this one. You will leave the empty gap in this piece (where the long stick will easily slide into). Once this is completed you will notice that both pieces fit within each other. However, the round edges won't let them connect fully. You want to cut off the round edges of both pieces, being very careful not to cut the long stick. Cut 1 cm of both pieces to make the edges flat.

When this is done, you'll notice a gap when sliding the long piece in. This can be removed by measuring the gap, then cutting the top of the long stick the length of the measured gap. Now both pieces should fit perfectly. This is the end of phase one.

Phase 2

Here is where your artistic skill comes into play. We recommend you have a paper cutout of the knife that you can easily trace over. After tracing over, draw in every detail. Mark all the excess parts and cut them off using a small saw. After drawing the blade and handle patterns, you want to begin the scraping process.

You want to be very careful in this step since you're using a sharp blade to scrape off all the unneeded parts of your knife. Take your time to give it smooth edges and curves. Carve out the hole on the handle with caution and add in all your details. You can make the blade look thinner and sharper by scraping off more material than you did on the handle. Once this is done, sand it down.

Phase 3

Now it's time to paint and customize your knife how you would like. Use masking tape to cover any areas you do not wish painted. The blade can be sprayed silver and the handle black. Let the paint dry fully after painting each section.

Hopefully this guide has helped you create a handy Karambit practice replica knife. However, if you don't have the time to create your own or find the process too complicated, the easiest solution is to purchase a replica. We invite you to browse through our shop to find a sturdy, reliable, and affordable Karambit knife. We offer a variety of skins, so you're certain to find a knife you love!



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