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06 September 2017

What is a Karambit?

Karambit is a small, easy-to-wear knife from Southeast Asia, with a curved blade, ergonomic handle and usually two safety rings. It is designed to ensure its user's security in every situation, environment, or condition, with precision in its use and maximum functionality. According to the Indonesian legend and traditions, the design comes from the shape of a tiger's claw. The unique shape of the blade is intended for slicing, mowing, cutting, and hooking.

Where does the Karambit come from?

The modern Karambit has its roots in Southeast Asia, more precisely in Indonesia and the Philippines. Caribbean blades appeared for the first time in the 11th century in ancient Indonesia and spread rapidly throughout Southeast Asia through a thriving business. Karambit knives have found their way to other continents in the early 20th century through the enthusiasts of Filipino and Indonesian martial arts. Serially or custom-made Karambit knives are found almost every corner of the world.

What are the Karambit knives preferentially determined for?

Both types of Filipino and Indonesian Karambit have been designed for everyday use for centuries, and using a knife for self-defense has doubled its useful value. Thanks to its design (bent blade and safety ring), the Karambits offer many more advantages than conventional blades. They are multifunctional and can be used for hunting, fishing, small works around the house, farming and other activities. Any task that requires precision, efficiency, and high demands on user safety can be accomplished using a Karambit. While Karambits are often associated with the Pencak Silat martial art and are known for their combat uses, they are not just fighting knives and knives for self-defense. The knives that have undergone tests show high reliability and suitability for many uses outside martial arts communities and are suitable for anyone looking for a dynamic knife for everyday wear.

Why are the Karambits shaped so wide?

The shape of the Karambit is often the main attraction of the new user, but the shape of the Karambit is strictly defined by the functionality, not in the transformed form. The Karambit ensures maximum safety for the user in many environments (underwater, icy, climbing, etc.). Its precision and stability are a matter of course when used at unusual angles, use in confined spaces. It reaches places where straight blades can only dream of. The design also ensures the blade moves in several directions with the user's hand movements.

Why do they have a Karambit ring?

The safety ring of the Karambit blades provides the owner with a safety grip and perfect fit. The most important is to prevent the knife from slipping out of the user's hand during normal use. The ring also allows fast knife withdrawal, ensuring optimal grip for users without the need to slide on the handle and lose eye contact with the surroundings.

Do they have a Karambit ring type?

Certainly not, even though the safety ring is an inherent and invaluable component for many users of this knife. In the general specification of the Southeast Asia knife, its bent blade is primarily intended for cutting, cutting, mowing, hooking, and reflecting the attack. However, let's say openly, it is difficult to exploit all the benefits of a Karambit without a safety ring, and modern blades of this type almost always have this type of ring.

What are the advantages of a Karambit?

With its design, Karambit guarantees a strong attachment and maximum user safety under all sorts of conditions and situations. Whether it is an icy landscape, a dusty environment, a knife was used upside down, underwater, its user can be sure the knife does not slip out of his hand to cause him unexpected wounds, that the attacker's knife does not push hand, respectively. It does not turn against him during a match or when he falls.
No other knife in the world offers similar security features and multifunctional uses in a variety of human activities, ranging from routine tasks to gardening, camping, hunting, fishing, tourism, construction work, small work around the house to maximize the effect of the smallest possible effort.

In self-defense and combat situations, the knife allows its unique design to change the combat zone and reach without having to move the user's body, to bounce the attack, and simultaneously to attack the same movement. It can secure multiple battles with one hand movement. His movement in combat situations is hard to predict. At the same time, the safety ring allows for quick pulling and prevents the knife from being ejected by the opponent.


Who should buy a Karambit?

Anyone who expects and looks for a multipurpose knife, especially hunters, fishermen, tourists, climbers, cavemen, armed forces, rescuers, enthusiasts. Click here to visit our shop now. 




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