New Merchandise Website Exclusively Caters to CS:GO Video Game Enthusiasts

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11 January 2018

Karambit Knife

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About: Karambit Tactical is a website that provides prop replicas, merchandise and memorabilia from the popular multi-platform video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

Headline: New Merchandise Website Exclusively Caters to CS:GO Video Game Enthusiasts

Karambit Tactical— This new website provides video gamers with a new way to become immersed into virtual reality: by bringing their favorite in-game props to life. Karambit Tactical provides an extensive and inexpensively priced range of props from the game, such as real karambits and replica jewelry based on CS:GO items and logos. Other merchandise is also available at very competitive prices. You can even get your hands on a dog tag-style CS:GO pendant, to transform yourself into a real life avatar.

All of the website's items make perfect gifts, or are simply great items to buy for yourself. The karambits and other memorabilia are available from the secure online store for rock-bottom prices – saving you much more money than if you were to buy a similar item from a competitor (though as far as we're aware, Karambit Tactical is THE online store to buy these goods). They make great wall décor or household ornaments, and the jewelry looks great to wear. Instantly show off your affinity to CS:GO with a branded pendant.

There are dozens of styles of karambit to choose from in this online store – they have become collector's items, any many people acquire all or more than one to complete their arsenal. They come in a diverse range of designs and colors, and are optimized firstly for safety and secondly for being true accurate replicas of the props in the game. Most items come with an extended warranty of at least two years; assuring customers of the quality and durability of these products, and that if damage were to occur, then a replacement would be easily arranged.

Navigating the site is simple and easy. Items are cleverly categorized on the website for the benefit of the customer. They are itemized by brand, price, best sellers and products for professionals only. The 'professional' section contains higher quality products that are unsuitable for beginners. These are for experienced handlers, and carry a higher price tag due to the craftmanship involved in their manufacture and the responsibility that their ownership entails.

The website also features handy sections of information about the karambits. Customers can find the FAQ page, a 'how to use' guide, tips and tricks videos, information on the history of the karambit and more in their blog.

For those who are interested in acquiring a CS:GO replica karambit, wearable items or other video game merchandise, browse Karambit Tactical for their full range of products and information services. All products and information can be found at their website:

Contact: Milan Terem ml.




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