What is a Karambit? CSGO Replica Knives for Your Collection

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21 February 2018

What is a Karambit? CSGO Replica Knives for Your Collection

Whether you're a knife collector or a Counter-Strike fan, you're probably intrigued by the unique shape and styling of the Karambit. This knife is much more than merely a fun addition to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) Arms Deal update. It has a long, distinguished history that makes it a favorite among collectors. It's also one of the coolest looking knives you'll ever encounter.

What is a Karambit?

As you may have realized from CSGO, these knives can serve multiple purposes. That's because they trace their lineage all the way back to the 11th century. At that time, people throughout Indonesia carried this knife's forefather and used it primarily as a utility tool and farming blade.

From those humble beginnings, a new legend was born. The modern version of this handy little knife is revered for its usefulness in combat. Its known to provide precise cuts and simultaneous striking opportunities. If you want to slice, trap, rip or hook an opponent or any other object, this is one of the best knives to have on your side. It's no wonder that CGSO gamers covet this tactical item!

The Evolution of Greatness

Next time you play CGSO or hold one of these knives for real, you can take pride in knowing that you've joined a knife tradition that includes centuries of farmers and martial artists. Yes, this unusual pairing of individuals has joined forces to help cement the Karambit's place in history. They're also responsible for helping it evolve into the coolest weapon you'll ever see.

Indonesia couldn't keep this knife's greatness under wraps for long. Before the end of the 11th century, its use had spread to the Philippines, Malaysia and several other countries in Southeast Asia. Much like video games often enable you to customize your character's weapons, each new country added a little something different to their latest everyday carry knife.

One of the best additions is the safety ring. When used correctly, this 14th century add-on to the world's greatest knife offers a lot of safety for the user. By simply slipping a finger through the safety ring before gripping the knife's handle, you can avoid slippage. Without this handy feature, these knives could easily slip from your grip and end up cutting your hand, fingers or arm.

How to Hold It for Best Results

Aside from slipping your finger into the safety ring, you'll want to close your hand around the handle. In this position, not only will you avoid potentially deadly slippage but you'll also become practically impossible to disarm. You can be guaranteed that your preferred CGSO character knows this and, if you've been lucky enough to acquire one, they definitely hold it for maximum effectiveness.

From the Farm to the Battlefield

Karambits can easily be referred to as the world's first Swiss Army Knives due to their practicality and many uses. However, they didn't remain simply a farm utility tool or everyday carry knife for long. When the villages of the Philippines and Indonesia erupted in war, farmers defended themselves with these trusty knives.

Over time, martial artists began to see the appeal of these uniquely crafted, highly effective weapons. This started with Pencak Silat, which is an indigenous Indonesia fighting style that requires insanely close combat. If you've ever seen footage of a close contact knife fight, then you can envision at least part of the Pencak Silat experience.

You may be referred to as a gamer or player due to your love for CGSO. Skilled users of this knife are also known as players, as are those skilled at one or more Southeast Asian martial arts. Aside from Pencak Silat, these knives are often incorporated into Arnis, Bruneian arts, Eskrima, Filipino Kali, Kuntao and Malaysian Bersilat.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

People who've never practiced a martial art or purchased a knife in the real world have gained an appreciation for Karambits through CSGO. It was one of the initial five tactical weapons that came with the Arms Deal update, and it's currently one of the most sought-after items in the game.

Why is it so sought after? Aside from being wickedly cool to look at and use, these knives are extremely rare in the CSGO universe. Acquiring one can take a lot of money and luck, but they're definitely worth it.

Real World Knife Collecting

It's natural to be inspired by our favorite forms of entertainment. Therefore, many CGSO players have come to in search of a knife they can hold and display in their homes. That's why we make CGSO replica knives that match the skins available in the game.

These aren't mere trinkets, either. If you want to know what these knives look and feel like when they're wielded by martial artists, we've got you covered! Our CGSO replica knives are made from real metal, and they're suitable for practicing professional knife tricks.

Instead of asking questions such as "what is a karambit?" or getting stuck using them only in the virtual world, you can experience the power of these ancient utility knives for yourself. Be sure to check out our extensive collection of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive knives!



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