Where did the karambit come from?

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13 March 2019

Karambit was found in 11th century in far Indonesia. Today's karambits are most often made
of steel but originally karambits were made from a variety of materials that were most
accessible in Southeast Asia. The ancestor of modern karambit served to the farmers
primarily as a farming and utility tool. It stands out from knives with its curved blade and
handle. Thanks to its design, it was an usefull tool for skinning animal hides. The prosperity
of trade in Indonesia has helped the spread of karambits gradually across Southeast Asia.
Later, they began to use the karambit as a combat and defense weapon in Philiphines and
Malaysia. Its shape resembles half-moon but it can also be compared to the claw of a tiger.
Karambit has gradually become an iconic weapon that is now associated with martial arts
around the world.



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