FOX MANIAGO 478 | Karambit

FOX MANIAGO 478 | Karambit

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Professional knife FOX MANIAGO 478 | Karambit


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Producer: FOX Maniago

Professional combat folding karambit 478 from brand FOX MANIAGO

The knife manufactured by Fox Knives in Maniago, Italy.

The karambit knife is now used as a combat knife for a self-defense and its specific desing allows to provide the special techniques. Its curved blade can easily penetrate causing deep lacerations. In the hands of an experienced warrior Karambit is an incredibly powerful weapon.


The blade is made of superior stainless steel, cobalt N690Co which has an outstanding cutting properties. The hardness of steel is 58-59HRC. The blade has an anti-reflective finish that adds resistance to corrosion. The knife can be opened by one hand throgh the hole in the blade, or by pressing a flipper. In addition, the knife can be opened during withdrawing from the pocket and due to the hook in the back of the blade, which engages the edge of the pocket, and the blade opens. The knife is also equipped with a device „linerlock", displaceable clip and metal loop at the end of the handle for a reverse grip. The handle has an anatomical shape and contoured handle and the grip is made of non-slip black G10.

Blade type: Combat
Type of knife: Foldable
Edge of blade: Fine
Blade shape: Karambit
Blade color: Grey
Handle: Metal
Clip: Yes
Blade lenght: 7,5 cm
Handle leght: 13,5 cm
Overal lenght: 19,5 cm
Weight: 130 grams
Steel: N690Co

Our knives come with 2 years warranty.

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